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Architectural Signs
At Advance Precast Ltd. we have cast numerous Architectural signs. To view a sampling of the types we have cast click on View Pictures above.

Sunmore Healthtech
Key Benefits
  • long lasting and durable finish;
  • can be cast in many different colors;
  • use a computer to generate letters to ensure the sign is manufactured in the best way; and
  • we can fabricate graphics into the sign
Technical Assistance

If you wish to incorporate "Architectural Signs" into your building designs, or should you require further information, please contact us either by email or by phone 250.765.1431 (Ask for Wayne Rains). Budget QUOTATIONS are often provided from "Preliminary" designs.

Remember that the Advance Precast Ltd. staff can recommend the most cost-effective setup of panels and the type of connections to be used for each particular job. Don't hesitate to use this expertise !!!


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