About Advance Precast

Advance Precast Ltd. started manufacturing Precast Concrete in 1980. Since then, we have seen each of the products that we manufacture grow in complexity and size.Bear Brewing - Kamloops, BC From the original 8'-0" wide x 12'-0" tall panels, to "cycloids", arches, Precast Raker beams and various complex pieces. We have seen products of great size (maximum 40'-0" tall) and weight (82,000 lbs Entrance Arch for Mission Hill Winery). With every project, it appears that we are pushing the envelope as to what is "Precast" concrete and what is not.

In 1985, we applied and were successful at achieving our C.S.A. Certification.

At the present time, we manufacture the following C.S.A. Certified (A23.4-00) Concrete products:

 ~ Waffle-Crete (non-insulated, but allows for insulating, strapping and drywall);
 ~ Hybrid-Sandwich (Insulated wall panel);
 ~ True-Sandwich (insulated wall panel);
 ~ Solid Concrete (structural concrete - beams, stadium seating, etc...);
 ~ Fencing (3" solid concrete with attractive finish); and

 ~ Architectural Signs

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