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Hybrid Sandwich (Insulated Panel)

The Hybrid Sandwich panels typically have solid concrete ribs around the perimeter of each panel, but it also tends to be more cost effective than Waffle-Crete with insulation, vapor barrier, hat channel & drywall (gyproc) for most areas outside of the Central Okanagan.
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The Product

Years of working with the product has enabled Advance Precast Ltd. to develop the construction system to suit almost any situation. Utilization of modular design can give a functional and efficient wall competitively priced far below other conventional precast systems.

Hybrid Sandwich panels are manufactured by Advance Precast Ltd in our CSA Certifed Precast Concrete Plant to C.S.A. Certification A23.4-09.


The versatility of the product seems to increase with each new project. With proper planning, future expansion can be accommodated. By considering the location of panel joints and panel sizes, in conjunction with detachable connections, entire walls can be relocated as a building is expanded over the years.

Key Benefits

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  • Durable, Hard wall finish with low maintenance;
  • Custom-made with window rough openings and cast-in metal door frames;
  • Delivered direct to job site;
  • Installed by our qualified inside crew;
  • Finished panel is insulated and requires no drywall or finishing;
  • Bottom of panel typically extends to footing (below grade);
  • Can have electrical or plumbing conduit cast-in;
  • Can be cast face-down or face-up depending on overall look to be achieved;
  • Installation in almost any weather;
  • R22.5 insulation value (where insulation exists) to exterior panel; and
  • Fully-engineered panels.

Basic Panel Finishes are:

Smooth Broom
(light, coarse or striated)
(similar to acrylic stucco)
Exposed Aggregate

The individual finishes can be used alone, but are often combined to produce some very handsome architectural styles.

Building Applications

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  • Ice Rinks
  • Gymnasiums
  • Office buildings
  • Residential Houses
  • Swimming Pool Buildings
  • Public Work Facilities
  • Refrigerated/Cold Storage
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Schools
  • Fire Halls
  • Offices

Reduced Construction Time

A precast building can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to close in a building. At Advance Precast Ltd. there is an emphasis on making the structural connections as simple as possible. That means more efficient use of sub-trades and quicker completion. By standing the panels on strip footing, the pouring of foundation walls is eliminated and the floor can be poured under the shelter of a completed roof. All of these factors often lead to an earlier occupancy by the tenant.

Energy Efficiency

The "Hybrid Sandwich" panels boast an R value of 22.5 on the sections where there is no solid-concrete. The precast panel is very impermeable and all joints between panels are sealed with a durable silicone or polyurethane caulking.

DurabilitySkyreach Place - Kelowna, BC

The water tight nature of precast eliminates moisture absorption. This provides a superb base for the application of cost effective exterior latex paints. A sealed exposed aggregate finish tends to be self-cleaning and has a very long service life. "Hybrid-Sandwich" panels are substantially lighter than standard concrete walls - making it ideal for questionable soil conditions. The caulked joints will absorb minor amounts of differential movement (and not result in the zigzag cracking patterns so common with masonry block). If the vertical movement of the joint becomes excessive, the caulking will lose adhesion and the joint will need to be resealed.

Technical Assistance

If you wish to incorporate "Hybrid Sandwich" into your building designs, or should you require further information, please contact us either by email or by phone 250.765.1431 extension 201. Budget QUOTATIONS are often provided from "Preliminary" designs.

Remember that the Advance Precast Ltd. staff can recommend the most cost-effective setup of panels and the type of connections to be used for each particular job. Don't hesitate to use this expertise !!!

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