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Inland Glass and Aluminum - Kamloops, B.C.

33,000 sq. ft - NOT INCLUDING office space 13 1/2" thick Hybrid / True Sandwich Panels c/w "Smooth" finish Integral Columns cast into "Skinside" of panels for Crane Beams.

Wall between Office and Manufacturing area is 8" Waffle-Crete.

Design Builder:

D&T Developments Ltd.

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Inland Glass Exterior panels 13 1/2" True-Sandwich panels
Interior - Inland Glass Interior of completed Building - On far wall you can see the Integral Column Haunch cast into the face of 13 1/2" thick True-Sandwich Panels.
Inland Glass and Aluminum 13 1/2" thick True-Sandwich Panels. Integral Columns (for Crane beams) shown. Far wall with door opening in it is 8" Waffle-Crete wall shown below
Inland Glass and Aluminum 8" Waffle-Crete wall panels - separating manufacturing area and Office building.

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