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Mission Hill Winery - Westbank, B.C. - Entrance Arch Page 1

Each Section of the Entrance Arch, of which there were 4, weighs approximately 82,000 lbs each. The arch is hollow in the middle to keep the weight down. At the top of the arch will be a "Keystone" with the Von Mandl (Mission Hill Winery proprietor) family emblem. All visitors to the Winery will enter through the arch, and in the background, splitting the arches, will be the Bell tower.

1 Section up - 3 to go (Our erecting crew is off to the side with their fingers AND TOES crossed)
2 Sections up (Erecting Crew getting braver)
You get the idea - 4 Sections installed, Backfilling, grouting and easier work starts!!
A few weeks later..... Starting to look like it belongs

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