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True-Sandwich (Insulated Panel)

Advance Precast Ltd. produces "True" Sandwich Precast Panels in our CSA Certified Precast Concrete Plant. True Sandwich panels are used where cold areas are unacceptable for customer requirements. True Sandwich differs from our Hybrid Sandwich due to the "limited" sections of solid concrete.

Some of the applications that True Sandwich panels are particularly used:Coombes Residence - 150 Mile House, BC
  • Residential Housing;
  • Single family and/or Multiple-family units;
  • Cool storage buildings (i.e. Cold beer/wine stores);
  • Food processing buildings; and
  • Hotel/Motel Units

Key Benefits
  • Minimal heat loss (no ribs)..... works great for residential houses;
  • Independently engineered for structural integrity;
  • Custom-made with window rough openings and cast-in door frames;
  • Delivered direct to job site;
  • Installation by our certified crew;Coombes Residence - 150 Mile House, BCCoombes Residence - 150 Mile House, BC
  • Finished panel is insulated and requires no drywall or finishing;
  • Guaranteed to be warm and dry;
  • Used for both above and below grade;
  • Can have electrical/plumbing conduit cast-in;
  • Installation in almost any weather; and
  • R22 insulation value to finished panel

Technical Assistance

If you wish to incorporate "True Sandwich" into your building designs, or should you require further information, please contact us either by email or by phone 250.765.1431 (Ask for Wayne Rains). Budget QUOTATIONS are often provided from "Preliminary" designs.

Remember that the Advance Precast Ltd. staff can recommend the most cost-effective setup of panels and the type of connections to be used for each particular job. Don't hesitate to use this expertise !!!

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