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Advance Precast Ltd. started manufacturing Precast Concrete in 1980.  We started manufacturing "Waffle-Crete".  The "standard" Waffle-Crete has been significantly modified, and is still part of our products offered, however, it is not the industry standard today.

In 1985, we applied and were successful at achieving our C.S..A Certification for Precast Concrete Manufacturer.

Over the years, we have seen each product we manufacture grow in complexity and size, from the original 8'-0" wide x 12'-0" tall Waffle-Crete panels.

We now manufacturer precast concrete in our state-of-the-art precast building [constructed in 2014]. 

Although our typical panels are the True-Sandwich panel, we have created "cycloids", arches, Raker beams, post-tensioned slabs and various complex pieces. 

We have seen products of great size (39'-0" tall) and weight (82,000 pounds).  With every project, it appears that we are pushing the envelope as to what can be classified as "Precast" and what cannot.

Today we manufacture 10.5" True-Sandwich panels (R-20.5), 12.5" True-Sandwich panels (R32.5), 8" Hybrid Sandwich panels (R16.5) , solid concrete walls, post-tensioned floor slabs, insulated roof panels, fences, and more.  The possibilities are endless.

We have very recently sent our 10.5" True Sandwich panel to get fire rated, and we are pleased that this panel now has a 2 hour fire protection rating.  To learn more on this exciting news, please contact Wayne Rains +1.250.765.1431 ext. 201

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